Academic DishonestyAcademic Dishonesty

Modern technology and the Internet have enabled students to use professional essay writing services in unique ways, and not all these uses are ethical. However, all technological developments have pros and cons and with the development of example research and writing services, students are now substantially helped in solving the age old problem of 'how will I write my essay'? Essay writing has surprisingly stood the test of time and despite technological advances and the popularity of SMS, instant messages, tweets, and other shorter forms of communication, the essay still lives on. There are now unique tools such as custom essay services that provide significant help to students who may not have the writing expertise or are simply unable to write due to time constraints, physical disabilities, or other circumstances beyond their control.

Students have to be careful not to misapply these research services which are meant to be used as study aids, just as there are several study aids and books available in the market. However, since these essays and problems are usually customized according to the coursework requirements, students are often tempted to use this customized research work as their own to gain academic credit. This problem is quite widespread and although not all students are inclined to cheat, some may be either lazy or lack confidence to use their own writing skills.

The Best Ways to Prevent Students from Submitting Materials Not Their Own

1. To make them aware of the ethical implications of the practice (in the agreement that they sign).

2. To make them aware of the limitations of the model essay writer (who has not attended the same lectures or classes as the student has and is thus liable to write a more general rather than a very specific essay).

3. To make them more confident about their own abilities and suggest that the freelance writer's work is just a general guide, and they can and should do better themselves.

4. To remind or specify issues related to plagiarism, originality and copyright, and point out that the writer should be given due credit for the work.

5. To suggest that marks or grades are highly subjective and dependent on several factors such as tutor notes, lectures, and presentations, and the writers may not have access to such resources all the time.

6. To give them a document or declaration (separate from the agreement) which would state that they will comply with the requirements of the essay service and will not be passing off the work as their own.

7. To make it mandatory for students to mention the name of their University, tutor, the email address of tutor, and the specific coursework for which they have used the essay service.

8. To emphasize that contracted academic term paper writers use their own preferential and unique style of writing which may not be identical or even similar to the student's own style of writing and analysis.

9. To note that all tutor comments should be made on papers written by the student rather than by the writer.

10. To emphasize the advantages of being independent and self-sufficient as a student, which could bring long term confidence and enhanced professional abilities.

These are some of the strategies that could be used to prevent students from submitting example writing and research materials that have not been written on their own for academic credit.